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Who Am I?

I am ZmnSCPxj, a randomly-generated Internet person. My pronouns are he/him/his.

I understand that humans instinctively desire to know my identity. However, I think my identity is largely immaterial, and prefer to be judged by my work.

If you are wondering whether to donate or not, and wondering what my cost of living or my income is, please understand that properly speaking, you should donate to me based on the utility you find my articles and my work on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

A Short Rant on Cost-of-Living

The actual cost-of-living for all human beings is constant regardless of location.

Places where it is pleasant to live due to weather, local governance, availability of civilization, political stability, and so on, have higher cost-of-living than places without such amenities. It then follows that humans with low cost-of-living are still paying as if they are in the place with maximum cost-of-living; they are simply paying by suffering from a lack of such pleasantness in their lives.

Thus, if you are ever in a position to provide economic sustenance to some human in compensation for the work they do, I implore you to specifically ignore the cost-of-living of that human.

It is therefore quite appropriate that I should not have to reveal such details in order to encourage or discourage you from donating or otherwise supporting me.

Who Am I Not?

I am not any of the following people:

Of note, is that there is no way to prove non-identity, only to prove identity. Thus, you cannot verify that I am not any of the above.


Below are various accounts I control:

Of note, is that a Twitter @ZmnSCPxj exists, but I do not control this account. So far (2019-04-03), as far as I know, its controller has done nothing I would find objectionable, so I presume it is a fan who simply protected this account on my behalf.